Let It Ride

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Let it Ride (Sometimes referred to as Let them Ride) is a version of casino poker where the player wagers on what five card poker hand will be formed when combining their own three cards with the two community cards.

Order of Play
Let it Ride tables will typically have three boxes for players to place their wagers. The first box is marked with a $. This is where the player places their initial wager. There are then two more boxes marked 1 and 2. If a player calls after seeing the first community card they will place their wager in the 1 box. If they decide to call after seeing the second community card they will place their wager in the box marked 2.

The player will place their initial bet and then receive three cards. After receiving their initial three cards the player has two options, call or fold. If the player elects to call, they will be forced to place another bet in the box marked 1, equal to their first on the table. If the player folds, the hand is not over, they simply do not place another bet. (It is important to note that ‘folding’ does not end the hand in Let it Ride. It means the player forgoes the opportunity to bet – thus decreasing how much they can win off the hand)

The first community card is then revealed. The player then has the option of calling or folding. If they decide to call they will be forced to place another bet in the box marked 2, equal to the first and second. If they fold, they forego the opportunity to increase their bet.

Following this the second community card is revealed. Players will then be paid according to which 5 card poker hand they have. Players who opted to fold at any stage of the hand but then make a winning hand will still be paid, however because they have less chips committed they will win less.

Payout Schedule
The payout schedule for Let it Ride will vary slightly between casino’s but it tends to be a uniform rate. The lowest ranking winning hand in Let it Ride will usually be a pair of tens, although there are some casinos who will only pay on a pair of jacks or better.

  • Royal Flush: 1000/1
  • Straight Flush: 200/1
  • Four of a Kind: 50/1
  • Full House 11/1
  • Flush: 8/1
  • Straight: 5/1
  • Three of a Kind: 3/1
  • Two Pair: 2/1
  • Pair of Tens or Better: 1/1

Side Bets
Some casinos will allow players to place side bets on what their hand will be. This bet cannot be changed as cards are revealed, but it will often pay out at a higher rate than the usual Let it Ride hands.

Like blackjack and casino holdem the decisions a player makes in Let it Ride will affect the house edge. So it pays to make sound strategic decisions.

  • Only start the pot with one third of your maximum bet. If the hand goes well you will get to call and increase the number of chips you have in play. However if you receive bad cards you can ‘fold’ and risk less chips, while still being able to win.

You should always call if you get any of the following combinations in your first three cards

  • A pair of tens or better
  • 3 of a kind
  • Any three cards in a row of the same suit
  • Any three cards in a row where the lowest card is above a 3
  • 3 cards over 10
  • Any three suited cards as long as one is a 10 or better.

You should elect to fold after the first community card unless you have

  • A pair of tens or better
  • 2 pair
  • Three of a kind
  • Four suited cards
  • A four card straight
  • Four cards to a straight with three cards over 10.