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Carbon Poker All In or Fold Tourneys

by | Published: Monday, March 28th, 2011

Carbon PokerCarbon Poker has the best cure for a steamer with All In or Fold heads up step tournaments that can see you win a more than $2K for an initial entry of $1.10.

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All In or Fold tournaments are exactly what they sound like – every hand is a situation where you can go all in or fold. The heads up element just means that you are at a table with only one other player. These games always come down to nail biting decisions, as each table only really resolves in situations when both players think they have a chance.

These All In or Fold tourneys are run as step tournaments where you move from a low cost event up to higher cost events until you play in a finals game that offers a large prize to the winner. If your luck runs well, you can buy-in at the bottom for as little as $1.10 and come out with as much as $2,250 in prize money!

Beginners may need help deciding which hands give them a decent chance. To begin with, all pairs have at least a 50% expectation of winning against a single opponent, though it is only 50% for deuces. Ace-X of all kinds has a 67% chance for Ace-King suited down to a 55% chance for Ace-2 offsuit. The remaining King-X hands also have at least a 50% chance, and this also holds for Queen-X down to Queen-5 or all the way to a suited Queen-2. Jacks are good down to Jack-7 or Jack-5 suited, and Tens down to Ten-8 or Ten-7 suited. Beyond that, only 98 and 97 suited have a 50% or better chance against 1 other opponent.

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Poker Stars Announces Sunday Storm

by | Published: Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Pokerstars Pokerstars has done away with its traditional Sunday 1/4 million dollar game and replaced it with a tournament to be known as the Sunday Storm.

And to celebrate the launch of this new tournament Pokerstars Pokerstars has beefed up the prize pool for the first game of the series to an ice cool $1,000,000.

What’s more new players will have the opportunity to play the million dollar game absolutely free if they join Pokerstars Pokerstars now.

By simply entering the bonus code ‘STORM’ when making their initial deposit, new players will receive free entry into the $1,000,000 game on May 27.

New players will also be able to receive the 100% first deposit bonus as well as receiving a ticket into the first Sunday Storm.

Join Pokerstars Pokerstars now and you will receive a free seat in a million dollar game as well as 100% deposit bonus up to $600.

Existing players can register for the tournament for as little as $11, while there also hourly freerolls taking place every hour until the start of the tournament.

This will be the biggest prize pool ever awarded for a tournament with a buy-in of just $11.

While the first ever Sunday Storm is sure to attract plenty of attention because of the added prize money, the Sunday Storm jackpot will revert to $300,000 on April 3.

That means the Sunday Storm will be $50,000 richer than the tournament it is replacing.

There has never been a better time to join Pokerstars Pokerstars.


Road to 100 Billion PokerStars Hands

by | Published: Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

PokerStars is still making its way towards 100 billion hands, and the Road to 100 Billion promotion is set to give away prizes on each milestone hand toward 60 billion.

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Every millionth hand dealt will give the lucky players to be dealt into those hands a cash prize. This could be worth a few thousand dollars if you are lucky, but they all pale in comparison to $60,000 prize for the 60 billionth hand! This promotion will start from the first milestone of 59,700,000,000 and pay out on each of the 300 million hand marks up to 60 billion.

While the prizes for each millionth hand will be smaller than the top prize, you can earn bigger prizes by playing for longer. The prize you receive when dealt a millionth hand will depend on the VIP Player Points you have earned while at that table. Obviously, this means that higher stakes at longer sessions will lead to bigger rewards in the Road to 100 Billion promotion.

While trying to hit those million hand milestones may seem an impossible task, there are easy ways to improve your odds. First of all, consider multitabling more often with more tables during this promotion. This will immediately expose you to more hands in a shorter period of time. You should also look for games with more hands per hour, as this will easily improve your chances of hitting a millionth hand.

Join Pokerstars Pokerstars now to get ready to start out on the road to 60 billion hands at the most popular online poker room. Remember that new players can claim a bonus of up to $600 on their first deposit, earned over their first few months of play at Pokerstars Pokerstars.

Bots invading online poker

by | Published: Sunday, March 20th, 2011

A recent report by the New York Times has highlighted the growing trend in poker robots being used in a number of online poker rooms.

Although ‘bots’ have been banned by many online poker rooms, they are still available for sale on various websites allowing players to link a bot to their online poker account and make decisions for them.

While bots have been a problem for online poker in the past, they have never been very good. Their ability to read the nuances and variables involved in poker was limited. While they could calculate pot odds and the percentages involved in drawing certain cards, their ability to read opponents for bluffs and other disinformation was limited. Whereas a chess computer can read all the information it requires from the board, most information at a poker table is unknown (opponent’s cards, what the river will be).

However, with improved artificial technologies making their way into the marketplace bots are a bigger threat than ever. Players can program their bots to play in a certain style leaving human players at the table none the wiser. They have been used mainly to target online cash games, where they can play a number of tables at once, only play premium hands and leave when a predetermined profit has been reached.

However there is resistance to bots coming from the major poker rooms. Last July Pokerstars Pokerstars banned the use of bots and suspended the accounts of players involved. Full Tilt Poker Full Tilt Poker followed suit in October and also seized $50k from the accounts of offending players.

Unlike computers used to simulate chess, or even Watson, the supercomputer that was once a carryover champ on Jeopardy, poker bots are operating in a highly lucrative market and defrauding honest players.

As the online poker industry expands and artificial intelligence continues to grow at an exponential rate, bots will become harder to spot and play with more human like characteristics.

2011 PokerStars SCOOP Schedule

by | Published: Friday, March 18th, 2011

The 2011 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) schedule has been released, and every day will offer at least $1 million in guaranteed prize money.

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From 8 May to 22 May, PokerStars will be running SCOOP events, with every event offered in three stakes – low, medium and high. Low stakes events will mostly cost less than $100, medium stakes are under $1,000 for the most part, and anything goes at high stakes up to a $25,500 buy-in for the major 2-day event.

Most of the SCOOP events will be No Limit Texas Hold’em, but every other game at Pokerstars Pokerstars will also have an event or two. This means that you can play in SCOOP events for Omaha, Badugi, Seven Card Stud, 2-7 Triple Draw, Razz, and mixed games. Don’t worry about the size of the prize pools for these tournaments, either, as the lowest guaranteed prize pool will be $25,000.

Highlights of the 2011 SCOOP include:

  • Event 1: 6-Max No Limit Hold’em – $1 million Guaranteed High Stakes
  • Event 2: No Limit Hold’em – $1.5 million Guaranteed High Stakes
  • Event 5: Turbo No Limit Hold’em – $1 million Guaranteed High Stakes
  • Event 19: No Limit Hold’em – $1 million Guaranteed High Stakes
  • Event 20: No Limit Hold’em – $2 million Guaranteed High Stakes
  • Event 35: Heads-Up Match Play No Limit Hold’em Two-Day Event
  • Event 38: SCOOP 2011 MAIN EVENT – $5 million Guaranteed High Stakes

If you would like to play in SCOOP events, then we recommend you join Pokerstars Pokerstars now to get your account ready. New players can also claim a 100% bonus on their first deposit, worth up to $600! Earn it before SCOOP begins to make your entries more affordable.