Carbon Poker All In or Fold Tourneys

by | Published: Monday, March 28th, 2011

Carbon PokerCarbon Poker has the best cure for a steamer with All In or Fold heads up step tournaments that can see you win a more than $2K for an initial entry of $1.10.

Join Carbon Poker Carbon Poker now for an online poker experience perfect for beginning poker players thanks to a large welcome bonus of up to $600 and an easy player base to beat.

All In or Fold tournaments are exactly what they sound like – every hand is a situation where you can go all in or fold. The heads up element just means that you are at a table with only one other player. These games always come down to nail biting decisions, as each table only really resolves in situations when both players think they have a chance.

These All In or Fold tourneys are run as step tournaments where you move from a low cost event up to higher cost events until you play in a finals game that offers a large prize to the winner. If your luck runs well, you can buy-in at the bottom for as little as $1.10 and come out with as much as $2,250 in prize money!

Beginners may need help deciding which hands give them a decent chance. To begin with, all pairs have at least a 50% expectation of winning against a single opponent, though it is only 50% for deuces. Ace-X of all kinds has a 67% chance for Ace-King suited down to a 55% chance for Ace-2 offsuit. The remaining King-X hands also have at least a 50% chance, and this also holds for Queen-X down to Queen-5 or all the way to a suited Queen-2. Jacks are good down to Jack-7 or Jack-5 suited, and Tens down to Ten-8 or Ten-7 suited. Beyond that, only 98 and 97 suited have a 50% or better chance against 1 other opponent.

Join Carbon Poker Carbon Poker now to give these All In or Fold tournaments a try the next time you catch a bad beat and want to blow off some steam for cheap.

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