Pokercams Fight PokerStars Home Games

by | Published: Monday, March 14th, 2011

888poker 888poker will fight the PokerStars Home Game craze with Pokercam tables allowing players to see and here each other via webcam and microphone.

If you have a webcam, you can join specially marked “Video” tables at 888Poker. At these tables, you will be able to speak to and watch other players, and they will be able to do the same with you. To us, this seems like a way of taking home poker game online, just like PokerStars has been doing with its Home Games Poker Clubs.

Join 888poker 888poker now to try your hand at the Pokercams tables and to play at one of the most popular poker rooms for players from the UK and Europe. If you are in the USA, you can instead join PokerStars to try the new Home Games section of the software.

Obviously, many poker players would not like to use this technology due to it exposing more of their tells. However, these Pokercam tables are intended more for the social poker player than the power player. The idea is to create a friendlier atmosphere that gives players an opportunity to socialize while playing the game they love.

Similarly, the PokerStars Home Games are designed to help players get together with friends to participate in less intimidating and less competitive poker ring games and tournaments. Nevertheless, Pokercams seems to be just as social, oif not moreso. Maytal Ginsburg, VP Poker at 888Holdings, put it thusly:

“We believe that real poker is not just about winning money, but it’s about the thrill, the fun, the excitement and the social poker experience. Online poker has been traditionally focused on the ‘money making’ element – we feel that there is no reason why online poker should not enable players to meet, socialize and play together.

“Our new Pokercam tables offer our customers a place to meet, play and socialize and are a true indication of our commitment to play different. It’s all about opening our doors to customers that want a casual game of poker, some may play for fun and some may play for real money what we offer is a fun and exciting game of poker against people who share the same interests as you and now you can actually see and talk to them!”

Of course, what 888Poker is really offering is a different experience, which is so rare in online poker these days. This is also what PokerStars are aiming to give US poker players with their new Home Games Clubs. In the words of Hili Shakked, the Director of Poker Offering at 888Holdings:

“I’m thrilled to offer current and new customers of 888poker this innovative and fun feature. It’s been almost a year in the making and we are delighted at the result.

“Players can look forward to enjoying a completely new and different poker experience, by simply downloading the new 888poker software on a computer with a standard webcam. Now the greater challenge will be how to conceal the big smile when you get pocket aces!”

We at welcome innovations like this, even if they aren’t focused on increasing the per hour earnings of the grinders. Poker is a social game, and being able to see, hear and speak to your opponents is something that has been sorely missing from online poker. Some people are talented at leveraging their social skills at the table, and Pokercams will make it easier (and more fun) for those players to try online poker.

Join 888poker 888poker now if you are interested in trying out Pokercams for yourself, and remember that new players can claim a big bonus when they sign up through us. If you are a player from the USA that cannot join 888poker 888poker, then we recommend you join Pokerstars Pokerstars and try out Home Games with your buddies if you are looking for a new poker experience.

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