Snakes & Ladders Step Tourneys

by | Published: Monday, March 14th, 2011

Carbon Poker Carbon Poker is currently running a Snakes & Ladders step tournament with as much as a $2,000 first place prize for as little as $1.10 in initial entry fees.

Step tournaments work by having players play through a whole tournament field before moving to the next one. The Snakes & Ladders steps tournament works similarly, except that players who do not finish in the top positions may simply be awarded entries into a lower step rather than eliminated entirely. All of these tournaments are Sit & Gos, so you can play in them whenever enough players are available.

There are 7 steps in this promotion, with each of the 6 bottom steps offering entries to the next step up for the best and entries to steps below for the also-rans. For instance, the top two players in step 1 tournaments win a step 2 entry, while the next 3 players win another step 1 entry. In the step 2 tournament, the top 2 players win an entry to the next step, the next 2 players win another step 2 entry, and the next player wins a step 1 entry.

Play at Carbon Poker Carbon Poker now to try your hand at this fun tournament format!

The Snakes & Ladders idea means that you don’t need to go on some ridiculous winning streak in order to win some money from these step tournaments. Sometimes you’ll climb up another level, and other times you’ll repeat the level again. As long as you can consistently finish high in Sit & Go events, then winning big in the Carbon Poker Carbon Poker Snakes & Ladder step tournaments series should simply be a matter of time.

Of course, you can always skip the first few steps by buying in at a higher level. Say you had a good run up until level 5 and then got knocked down to step 2. You probably aren’t in the mood to climb up all that way again and can choose to simply buy in at a higher level.

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