World Poker Tour Announces Changes For Season 10

by | Published: Friday, August 26th, 2011

Executives of the World Poker Tour have announced a string of changes today designed to capitalise on the ever strengthening position poker has in the world marketplace.

While there was nothing earth shattering or game changing announced, there will be a couple of tweaks which hopefully will increase the public ‘s appetite for live tournament poker.

Last season was declared a resounding success for the WPT and both TV ratings and live attendance were substantially up from the previous year.

Season 10 of the WPT is said to be revolutionised with, “new technologies, new tour stops, new talent, more on-set and televised enhancements…”.

While some of it was just good PR with not a whole lot of real world impact, there are a number of key changes which will be noticed by players and viewers alike.

For starters season 10 will be the VIP season with all champions given an extra level of entitlements and privileges for winning a WPT tournament.

In terms of coverage now every single WPT event whether it be played in the USA or overseas will be televised.

In addition all WPT final tables can be viewed live under a new internet arrangement.

Tony Dunst will host the live stream of the final tables with Ali Nejad to serve as the announcer on that platform.

This is a key component of continuing to grow the game internationally, backed up of course by the addition of extra global pit stops.

In the USA there will be one more venue, the Jacksonville Poker Room and Parx Casino  near Philadelphia, but the rest are located offshore.

Malta, Ireland, Prague, France and Italy have all been confirmed as hosts with more expected to come over the coming weeks.

As part of the ‘Champion’s Club’ creation, all WPT winners qualify automatically for future events and more prizes will be offered.

There is also set to be a revamp to the WPT set with final tables to be redesigned and the Royal Flush to be moved on set.

At the bar all VIP players will be able to sit and watch the games from right next to the table.

There will also be more screens put up in a bid to increase the amount of interaction the audience has and make the live viewing experience even better.

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