Poker Meets Football In Unique Online Combination

by | Published: Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

As we already know Titan Poker is the leading online poker website loved by millions of players across the globe.

Nowhere is it stronger than across Europe and they are seeking to strengthen that base with a new series of promotions guaranteed to impress.

Apart from poker, Europeans have one other great love, football, and now Titan Poker Titan Poker has managed to combine the two.

Below is a press release from Titan Poker Titan Poker head quarters letting you know everything you need to about this revolutionary cross over between sport and poker.

Titan Poker Titan Poker, the leading online poker room will let its players combine their love of football with their passion for poker in a new promotion to run in parallel to the European football club championship.

Titan Poker Titan Poker European Football League will award a total of $30,000 in prizes to players who correctly predict the results of 6-8 football matches running from October 18th to December 7th, with $15,000 reserved for players who correctly predict the results of 8 matches. In addition, thousands of dollars will be distributed on a daily basis to players participating in the promotion, even if their predictions are incorrect.

Players will earn betting tokens at different levels by playing at Titan Poker Titan Poker cash games and tournaments, and use those tokens to predict the results of upcoming matches such as Arsenal vs. Marseille and Lyon vs. Real Madrid.

Players will be able to track their progress in the European Football League promotion on the Titan Poker Titan Poker website and see their entitlement to betting tokens and the overall number of correct predictions that they have made. Players can make more than one prediction on a given football match, but can only earn one betting token per day.

Titan Poker Titan Poker stages weekly poker tournaments with huge guaranteed prize pools and satellite series awarding players with seats at the biggest poker tournaments around the world. Poker novices and veteran poker players alike are invited to try out the free poker download at Titan Poker Titan Poker to enjoy the new and improved software features”.

In addition to this great new product their regular cash games and online poker tournaments will of course continue to run on their state of the art software.

There really is no better option in the world of online poker so play with the best and join Titan Poker Titan Poker now!