Hope For Frustrated Full-Tilt Poker Players

by | Published: Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

It appears as if the French company looking to buy out embattled poker website Full Tilt poker could be just days away from making an official announcement confirming the takeover.

Rumours have been circulating for months that Groupe Bernard Tapie, was close to reaching a deal but now it appears as if an agreement may have been struck with the Department of Justice.

Jeff Ifrah is the attorney working on behalf of Full Tilt’s CEO Ray Bitar and says an unofficial agreement appears to have been reached.

“I have not seen final paperwork but I believe a deal in principle has been reached.” He said.

It’s hoped that any deal made would bring closer the possibility of players being paid out the $300 million currently owed to them.

Full Tilt said two months ago that any sale would be contingent on resolving its case with the Department of Justice.

No doubt players won’t be getting too excited though with a deal of a similar nature rumoured to have been brokered all the way back in June with nothing coming of it.

Groupe Bernard Tapie has a chequered history but at the same time has built a reputation for getting the job done.

Back in the 80′s former chairman Bernard Tapie is said to have turned around the financial state of no less than 40 companies.

In 1997 though the 68-year-old former owner of Adidas, spent time in prison after fixing a soccer match.

He was also convicted for tax fraud in a non-related matter.

Either way it’s some sort of hope for the thousands of players stills tuck in limbo.

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