October 9 Spotlight: Jeremy Ausmus

by | Published: Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Professional poker player Jeremy Ausmus is expecting a big month in October. Not only will he be playing at the Final Table in the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event he is also expecting the birth of his second child; possibly on the same day.

It is fitting that poker and family might clash for Ausmus; at the biggest point of poker career. He has been juggling family life and the life of a professional poker player for two years now; making him a rare breed of professional poker playing family man.

Rather than a distraction, Ausmus sees his family life as a positive for his poker career.

“I have good balance. A lot of these kids, they live, breathe and eat poker, so they get really good at poker. It takes them to the top. But, just to get away from that sometimes. And, you know, my wife gives me a life away from poker and my daughter too. It’s good to have that break. And I still have poker friends. I mean, I’ve worked with them over the years to get where I’m at. But I’m in the minority, being a family man in poker,” Ausmus said in an interview after making the final table.

Ausmus is guaranteed a payday of at least $754,798 that will allow him to have some downtime before the birth of his second child.

“Normally, I’m a pretty full-time player. I’ll probably go to the Bellagio four times a week and play cash games.  But now that this happened, I can kind of relax. We have a trip scheduled to the East Coast to see some friends. I’m sure I’ll play some, but not grind 30-40 hours a week like normal. And the series is done, where I played 300 hours. So, I deserve a little time off,” Ausmus said.

It was 300 hours well spent for Ausmus who had a very successful World Series of Poker, even before making the final table of the main event, cashing an amazing nine times.

He currently sits in 9th place with 9,805,000 in chips and will need to play extremely well to be crowned World Poker Champion.

Whatever ends up happening Ausmus is assured off a crazy couple of weeks in October.

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