Rosadoni Wins World Series of Poker Europe No-Limit Hold’em Shootout

by | Published: Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Giovanni Rosadoni has made a stunning World Series of Poker debut by winning the World Series of Poker Europe €3,000 No-Limit Hold’em Shootout event.

The Frenchmen, who has been playing poker for only two years, outlasted a star-studded field to win the prize of €107,614.

Rosadoni had the smallest chip stack when the tournament became three-handed and he felt like he was constantly under attack from poker professionals Dan O’Brien and John Monnette.

“The biggest challenge I think was when it was three-handed.  I know the other two players were playing the same style and they wanted to bust me.  It was almost like it was 2 against 1 because the way the game was played I was so outside of it, compared to how experienced they were in these situations.  So, I changed my game.  I changed the way I played,” Rosadoni said.

Monnette was eventually eliminated in third place but Rosadoni still had to overcome O’Brien who held a significant chip lead.

The heads-up battle lasted an amazing five and a half hours and had to be postponed until the next day when the casino closed at 5am.

Incredibly, Rosadoni reported for work less than two hours later.

“I was out of here last night at a little past 5.  Then, I was in the office at a quarter to 7.  All of the workers came in and wished me well.  They heard what happened and they were rooting for me,” Rosadoni said.

The back and forth heads up battle resumed that afternoon and Rosadoni finally landed the killer blow when his pocket Queens held up against O’Brien’s King-Jack.

The win was easily the biggest in Rosadoni’s poker career with his previous highest payout being   €9,000 in a € 1,000 No Limit Hold’em event at Cannes last year.

The Frenchmen paid credit to the play of opponents who forced him to play the best poker of his life.

“I knew I was not a favorite because these players had much more experience than me.  So, I decided I had to do something completely different. I played in a way that I had never tried before. It was new even to me. There was no way I would have played the way played, unless it was extreme circumstances against great players. I think that’s what helped me the most,” Rosadoni said.

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