Delve Into the Mind of Poker Pro Liv Boeree

by | Published: Monday, March 24th, 2014

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the tricks of some of the best poker professionals – how they can successfully manipulate and bluff their way to winning a game – then today is your lucky day.

Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree will feature on a new series from the Discovery Channel that will explore the psychology of the human mind. Earlier this month Discovery Networks International commissioned the show known as The Mind Control Freaks for 10 30-minute shows which will begin airing internationally in April.

Boeree will be one of four experts who demonstrate how to use psychological tricks and mind manipulation on the public to get them to surprising things. As a poker pro, Boeree regularly has to manipulate others into thinking she doesn’t have a chance at beating their hand and must use psychological tricks to represent it, but not overtly. She will be joined by three other co-hosts from just as manipulative professions: Alexis Conran (magician), Lewis Le Val (hypnotist), and Pete Wardell (sleight-of-hand pro).

“The show explores the various ways people’s minds can be affected and ‘controlled’ and demonstrates some fascinating psychological phenomena,” Boeree told PokerNews on Thursday. “My background as a poker player definitely helped me throughout filming. I can’t tell you much more until it airs but it was one of the most challenging and entertaining shows I’ve been involved in and I can’t wait for it to come out.”

Boeree has said that filming is now complete and she’s getting ready to go back on the road travelling with the European Poker Tour for the next few months.

This won’t be Boeree’s first appearance on a non-poker television show that documents her manipulative skills and bluffing techniques that have helped her win over $2M in total prize money from poker tournaments and one European Poker Tour trophy. In 2007 she appeared on Golden Balls, a British game show that ends with the final two contestants electing to split the prize or attempt to steal it. Boeree successfully bluffed her way to a £6,500 by manipulating her partner into thinking they would split it.

She’s clearly got the manipulation and bluffing skills down pat, now it’s your turn to check out her mind control show and see if you can steal any of her tricks for yourself.

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