Jason Sell Wins 2014 Mid-Stakes Poker Tour Event

by | Published: Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Jason Sell took home the top prize as the Mid-Stakes Poker Tour (MSPT) Season 5 Ho-Chunk Gaming Wisconsin came to a close on Sunday night.

Sell managed to beat a record field of 393 players to win the title and $97,539 first-place prize. Sell began the day with just 14 big blinds, but managed to score his victory over 2012 World Series of Poker National Championship runner-up Nik Stone, who he beat in heads-up play.

Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Jason Sell $97,539
2 Nik Stone $53,370
3 Ryan Jefferson $35,335
4 Taylor Tollefson $23,925
5 Mike Deis $18,404
6 Jun Kim $14,723
7 Travis Lauson $12,882
8 DJ Buckley $11,040
9 Nick Jivkov $9,202
10 Jason Seefeld $7,361


Sell started his play with a great start, getting lucky with a queen-nine against ace-king to double straight out of the gates, and it was mostly smooth sailing from then until the final table.

But while Sell found success, many other notables struggled. Kou Vang was denied his fourth consecutive MSPT final table, while Day 1a chip leader Aaron Johnson, Day 2 leader Chris Burmeister, and the experienced David Gutfruend all hit the rails, unable to make it to the final table.

Being a WSOP bracelet winner did little to help Nick Jivkov win this battle. He was the first to fall, alongside Jason Seefeld, when Jivkov pushed all in under the gun and Ryan Jefferson shipped over the top from the cutoff. Seefeld pushed his 300,000-chip stack all in and the blinds were out of the way. The three-way battle saw Jefferson walk away victorious with his double aces. Despite being ousted at the same time, Jivkov placed higher than Seefeld since he had more chips at the beginning of the hand.

This wouldn’t be the last three-way all in of the match, in fact two more would follow. DJ Buckley busted a short time after Jivkov and Seefeld in the second three-way all in, while the third three-way resulted in the eliminations of Jun Kim and Travis Lauson in sixth and seventh place, respectively. All five players eliminated thus far were, amazingly, from three-way all ins.

Mike Deis exited in fifth place when his King and Jack was outdrawn by Sell’s King and 10. He managed one place higher than his performance in the MSPT Majestic Star just a few weeks prior.

Fourth-place Taylor Tollefson ran smack into Sell’s rockets, leaving just three players. They were locked in a two hour battle of three-handed play that saw several huge swings, including seven doubles by the short stack in all-in pots.

The eighth was upon them when Stone opened to 250,000 and Jefferson called. But Sell put everyone all in from the big blind, and Stone folded while Jefferson snap-called. That was his fatal move, after which Sell dealt him a heart-breaking third-place exit and over $35,000 in prize money.

Play came to an end after a short heads-up match between Sell and Stone. In the last hand, Sell put the much-shorter-stacked Stone all in and managed to make a flopped pair of fives hold up. Stone took home $53,370 for his runner-up finish, while Sell became champion and captured the $97,539 first-place prize.

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