Freeroll Your Way to Las Vegas at Carbon Poker!

by | Published: Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

$10,000 Casino Freeroll

Carbon Poker Carbon Poker wants to send one of its lucky poker players on an all expenses paid for trip to Las Vegas through a poker freeroll tournament taking place on Saturday, May 31st at 15:00!  Don’t worry if you miss out on the trip, an additional 107 players will win a nice little cash prize. The online poker room is offering a crazy $10,000 in total prizes, so claim your seat now!

How do I qualify?

The tournament will be free to enter for all registered Carbon Poker players that have bet a minimum of $10 in the online poker room from May 1st 2014 to the end of the day May 28th, 2014.  The mere $10 requirement can be achieved by making multiple bets across the month or a single $10 bet.

Prizing Details

The freeroll has a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000 with $2,500 dedicated to the 1st place finisher for an all-inclusive trip to Las Vegas. The remaining $7,500 will be divided up to the finishing positions 2nd – 108th through Carbon Poker’s standard tournament payout schedule as Casino bonus dollars.

Please note that all prizes will be awarded within 72 hours of the freeroll ending. There’s no waiting around to enjoy your winnings at this online poker room.

Tournament Details

Tournament Name: Carbon Casino $10,000 Freeroll – Trip to Vegas!
Date & Time: May 31st at 15:00 Server Time
Buy-in: Free for players who bet a minimum of $10 in the online poker room
Tab Location: Tournaments > Special/Regular

Why not earn your entry to the tournament by depositing $10 or more on the exciting game Badugi? This four-card version of triple draw lowball poker is highly popular in Korea. The goal is to get four cards of different suits with no pairs, which is called a Badugi.

Badugi uses the same blind (forced bet) structure of other poker games, with the two players to the left of the dealer paying the small and the big blind respectively.

Each player is dealt four cards and play begins with the player left of the big blind and continues in a clockwise direction. Each player has 3 options, at this stage, fold their hand, call the big blind (bet equal to the big blind) or raise (bet a higher amount). Once all players have acted, all players remaining in the hand can discard any number of cards in their hand, and be dealt new cards. Players can of course keep all their cards in any round if they are confident of the cards they hold. If a player draws no cards in one round they can still draw in subsequent rounds if they feel they need to improve their hand.

After the first round players again have three options, they can check, bet or fold. If one player bets, all other players have to equal that bet amount or fold before the next draw takes place.

There is then a third betting round which is followed by a final draw.

After the final draw there is a final betting round which is followed by a showdown.

At the showdown the player with the lowest badugi wins, A-2-3-4 all different suits is the best hand.

If no player has a badugi (ie they have a pair or they have 2 cards of the same suit) then one card of their pair or same suit doesn’t count so player with the best three or two card hand wins. So 5-6-9-K beats A-2-3-3 and 6-7-7-8 beats A-A-2-2.

Make sure to open your real money account at Carbon Poker Carbon Poker and place a qualifying $10 bet before May 28th to be in with a chance of winning yourself a trip to Vegas, or a share of $7,500!



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