Alexandre Luneau: May’s Biggest Online Poker Winner

by | Published: Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

2014 World Series of PokerAfter having a great month in April, France’s Alexandre “Alexonmoon” Luneau continued his great poker run well into May. He closed the month as online poker’s biggest cash game winner with a hefty profit of $573,054 in 13,544 hands played.

With his winnings totaling more than $1,200,000 in the last two months, Luneau has well and truly cemented his position on the world’s biggest winners list. He currently sits in fourth place on the list, behind Daniel “jungleman12” Cates, Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius, and Niki Jedlicka.

Other nosebleed regulars “punting-peddler” and “Osama_no_Brunch” also had a very profitable May, with both players ending the month close to $500,000 in the black. Daniel Cates also closed the month with a profit, bringing home $243,493 after playing 4,692 hands.

Top five online cash game winners from May:

Player Hands Winnings
Alexandre “Alexonmoon” Luneau 13,544 $573,054
punting-peddler 17,842 $488,787
Osama_no_Brunch 4,098 $467,776
Daniel “jungleman12″ Cates 4,692 $243,493
LuckBox (PokerStars) 2,566 $239,537


But as we all know, in a game like poker, where there are winners there must also be losers. Some players have a successful month, while others get stuck in a rut – even the big name players! While Luneau has experienced a winning couple of months, things have gone very differently for Full Tilt Poker Pro Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. The Swede suffered yet another terrible downswing, which ended up costing him $1,135,819, making him the biggest loser for the month.

May is now the second consecutive month that Blom has landed at the top of the losers list, being the biggest loser for April as well (not a title any player wants to hold onto). He closed April with an astonishing $2,019,645 in losses.

Full Tilt Poker’s Pro Team isn’t faring well in general, with another top player ending the month on a loss. Despite playing some positive sessions, Denmark’s Gus Hansen also had another losing month. After closing April with a $127,537 loss, Hansen failed to score any worthwhile wins in May and closed the month with a loss of $960,382.

May’s third biggest loser was Macau high-stakes regular Paul “MalACEsia” Phua, who dropped more than $600,000 after 1,310 hands split in only six different sessions.

Top five online cash game losers from May:

Player Hands Losses
Viktor “Isildur1″ Blom 39,826 $1,135,819
Gus Hansen 27,202 $960,382
Paul “MalACEsia” Phua 1,310 $603,392
SanIker 3,565 $567,546
Chun Lei “samrostan” Zhou 16,251 $323,197


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