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by | Published: Sunday, June 8th, 2014

CP poker promotionEvery month Carbon Poker Carbon Poker is going to feature a cash game that will award Double VIP points to players just for playing the Game of the Month.

To participate, simply opt-in on the promotional page and you will automatically earn Double VIP points on all points earned while playing the game throughout the month. You must remember to opt-in if you wish to receive the 2x VIP points.

June’s Game of the Month: Fixed Limit Razz

Validity Date: June 1 – 30 2014

To get the best winning advantage, read the full game details below before beginning your game.

Fixed Limit Razz:

Razz is a low version of seven card stud, using the ace to five low hand values, also known as Seven Card Stud Low or 7 Card Stud Lo.

As in all low hand games, pairs count against the player. That is, any hand with no pair defeats any hand with a pair; one pair hands defeat two pair or three of a kind, etc. No-pair hands are compared starting with the highest ranking card, just as in high poker, except that the high hand loses. In ace-to-five low, straights and flushes are ignored, and aces play as the lowest card.

Just as in 7 card stud players are dealt seven cards in five rounds and must make their best possible 5 card poker hand from the cards they are dealt.

The game begins with a small ante from all players at the table and each player is dealt two cards face down and one card face up.

Razz poker gameThe player with the highest up card begins the betting with forced bet (called the bring in) and play moves in a clockwise direction with players either calling the bring, completing the bet (raising to the lower limit) or folding. There is a limit of three re-raises in all betting rounds.

Next each player still in the hand is dealt another upcard, followed by another betting round that begins with the player whose upcards make the best hand.

Since there are less than 5 cards face up no straights flushes or full houses will count for this.

Next a third upcard is dealt followed by another betting round, then a fourth upcard is dealt again followed by a betting round.

Finally a downcard is dealt followed by the final betting round and then a showdown.

At the showdown players must make their best 5-card poker hand out of the seven cards they were dealt.

Razz follows the 2 down, 4 up, 1 down pattern of seven card stud.

Open your real money account at Carbon Poker Carbon Poker this weekend and spend some time playing Razz to climb that VIP ladder even faster than before.


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