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October 9 Spotlight: Jesse Sylvia

by | Published: Saturday, August 4th, 2012

Jesse Sylvia was staring down the barrel of a disastrous 2012 World Series of Poker. With just the Main Event left to be played, Sylvia had entered 13 events without cashing in a single one. He hadn’t even gone close.

The primarily cash game player could never have expected his World Series fortunes would be turned around so quickly. He is now the chip-leader and outright favorite of the Main Event of the 2012 World Series of Poker.

Despite having never cracked success there (his previous best result was 175th in 2011 $1500 6-handed No-Limit Hold’em event), Sylvia never had any doubts that he would continue playing in the World Series.

“I told myself that I will play the WSOP every year that I can, because it’s so different.  It’s not like going out to the casino every day.  It’s much more exciting as it builds and builds as you get closer to a gold bracelet,” Sylvia said in a WSOP interview after reaching the final table.

It is this excitement that Sylvia plays poker for. He says he doesn’t care about money and it is the thrill that has him hooked to  the game.

“There is a common thread that poker players do not care about money when it comes to playing.  But I do not really care that much about money even away from the table,” Sylvia said.

Another motivation for Sylvia is meeting new people and making friends. He switched from mainly playing online to becoming a regular in the $10-$20 games at numerous Las Vegas casinos to do just that.

“I had to interact with people more.  I also got out more and that’s how I found my girlfriend, by getting out.  I look around and I see the entire world as my friend,” Sylvia said.

The irony is one of his best friends and poker mentors, Russell Thomas, will be sitting across from him at the final table in October.

The pair, who once lived together, have been dreaming off taking each other on heads-up since the second day of the tournament.

“After Day Two, Russell and I had dinner together every night.  We would talk about our chip counts and hands we played over dinner.  Then, his family came out and my girlfriend came and when all of us would get dinner I would be like, I hope you’re the one I get to play heads up.  When we got down to ten-handed, we just looked at each other.  I was shaking my head and he was shaking his head back and forth.  It was apparent we were both going to make it,” Sylvia said.

While poker clearly brings Sylvia a lot of joy he does not see himself playing for the rest of his life and would love to pursue a career directing and producing movies.

“I hope I get to the point in my life where I am financially stable enough to do other things and not have to depend on poker for all my income,” he said.

If Sylvia can hold off the eight  other players hunting for his chip lead he will take home $8,527,982 and have achieved his goal a lot faster than he could ever have expected.

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October 9 Spotlight: Greg Merson

by | Published: Sunday, July 29th, 2012

For a player who prefers Online to Live poker Greg Merson has had a remarkably successful 2012 World Series of Poker.

After winning $1.1 million in the $10,000 six-player max no limit hold-em event, Merson has survived to become a member of the October 9 and earn a shot at winning over $8.5 million and the title of poker world champion. Thanks to his success in these two events he is the current leader in the 2012 WSOP Player of the Year race.

Merson’s run is even more remarkable considering just a year ago his poker career was at a crossroads. As a freshman at College he began using drugs, a habit which took over his life. Merson cleaned up his act in 2007 and stayed sober until the beginning of last year when he began using again. His drug use clearly effected his poker and Merson had a disappointing 2011, in both online and live games.

However, after going sober again, at the beginning of this year, Merson is in career best form. He is one of the highest stake players on the internet regularly playing cash games with stakes of $400-$800. Merson is the first to agree that the change in his lifestyle has been the catalyst for his success.

“I let the poker life style get the best of me. It was a good experience to go from being at the top of online cash games to six months later struggling to beat $1/$2 Six-Max. I worked really hard to get all the way back to the highest games again, almost to where I was before I came here. I definitely have a way more positive mind set about everything. I am way more comfortable about everything,” Merson said in an interview with WSOP.

Going into the final Merson is 3rd with a chip stack of 28.725 million and as such is third favorite to win with most bookmakers. While he has work to do to catch chip leader Jesse Sylvia,  Merson’s experience in big games and calm under pressure means he will definitely be a contender in October.

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