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Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

by | Published: Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Losing has never been so profitable with the Carbon Poker Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot.Carbon Poker

The Bad Beat jackpot will be awarded to a player that loses a hand when holding better than quad 7’s.

At present the Bad Beat Jackpot stands at a whopping $244,903.00.

$0.50 from every hand played at the Bad Beat Jackpot tables goes into this pool, so you can rest assured that by the time you read this it will have already increased.

One aspect of the Bad Beat Jackpot that players should be wary of is the fact that to qualify as a jackpot winning hand the ‘loser’ must use both of their hole cards in the hand.

What’s more, for the hand to qualify the pot must generate a rake of at least $0.50. However this is unlikely to be a problem in a hand where two players have better than quad 7’s. Also, both players must show their cards at the completion of the hand. Again, this is unlikely to be a problem because even the tightest player will call with quads.

The other jackpot requirement is that at least four players must be dealt in at the start of the hand. So if you find yourself on a Bad Beat table that gets down to three players, it’s time to find another table.

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And it’s not just the ‘loser’ who is the winner at the Bad Beat tables. Everyone at the table will share in the jackpot.

The Bad Beat Jackpot will be distributed in the following manner.

  • 35% to the loser of the hand.
  • 17.5% to the winner of the hand.
  • 17.5% to other players at table (players must be dealt in to receive jackpot – no sitting out)
  • 20% to reseeding the jackpot
  • 10% to Merge Gaming.

So if you find yourself with quad 7’s at the Bad Beat tables you may well be hoping to lose the hand. However spare a thought for the Carbon Poker Carbon Poker player that missed the Bad Beat Jackpot by the barest of margins when their Quad 6’s were defeated by a straight flush.