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Carter Gill Wins Latin Series of Poker Millions for $175,070

by | Published: Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Over the weekend, Carter Gill made his fifth straight final table in the Latin America region. It was only November when Gill had his last victory, he won the Latin American Poker Tour Season 6 Grand Final in Punta del Esta, Uruguay, and on Saturday he found victory again by topping a field of 1,290 players to take home the Latin Series of Poker Millions Main Event in Panama for $175,070.

Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Carter Gill $175,000
2 Raz Alon $100,600
3 Maziar Keshavarzi $75,675
4 Leonardo Tarazona $57,250
5 Jose Barbero $43,625
6 Francis Cruz $33,950
7 Adam Reynolds $26,190
8 Oscar Ortiz $20,370
9 Guillermo Echevarria $16,490


Guillermo Echevarria was the first elimination from the table, and it came after Adam Reynolds raised from the button and called an all-in shove for 670,000.

Reynolds didn’t stay in the game much longer. Reynolds followed Oscar Ortiz out the door in 7th place settling for $26,190. After running his double queen’s straight into double aces of winner Gill.

Francis Cruz was the next to go in sixth place for $33,950, followed by Team PokerStars Pro Jose Barbero in fifth place taking home $43,625. His demise came in Level 29 when he moved all in under the gun despite being short-stacked and Leonardo Tarazona called from the big blind.

Tarazona was the next to fall, followed by Maziar Keshavarzi in third place who took home $75,675. Gill then faced off against Raz Alon holding a 4-1 chip lead. In the final hand, Alon opened for 200,000 from the button only to find Gill had three-bet to 600,000. Alon upped the stakes with a four-bet of 1.1 million and then called when Gill went all in with his hand. Gill managed to eliminate Alon in second place and lay claim to another title.

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Days Of Our Lives At WSOP Las Vegas

by | Published: Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

The World Series of Poker in Las Vegas Nevada continues to roll on with a mountain of players and a mountain of chips moving positions in the battle for survival.

A combined total of a massive 6,865 players were on hand at the beginning of the tournament but more than 2000 have been shed, the number still in the running now 4,521.

There were initially concerns that the event might feel the side effects of black Friday however it appears the live game is stronger than ever for 2011 at least.

While the action on the tables has been red hot there’s been nearly as much interest in what’s going on away from the cards, in fact there’s been a series of bizarre events more befitting of a day time TV script.

Carter Gill was one of the main characters, a player who at the end of Day 1C was in a good position with a healthy looking stack.

He was to return for Day 2A however he failed to even get inside the building.

In the time between playing Gill was involved in a hotel room incident and was subsequently banned from all of Caesar’s properties.

According to his Twitter account it stemmed from a disagreement with a female in which he ended up throwing her clothes out of the hotel window.

He wasn’t the only player to struggle to get to his seat either, in fact it went all the way to the top with the Poker Brat Phil Hellmuth having an absolute shocker.

Also on Day 2A, Hellmuth was a no show early on, his seat conspicuously empty in the sea of people.

While he was gone his chip stack fell to just $5,000, his absence lasting for a full 90 minutes.

Apparently he got his dates wrong and thought he was due to play the next day, a disastrous mix up which was only saved when hotel security banged on his door to wake him up.

Another interesting aspect noted by a lot of observers is the lack of colour on the shirts of the playing group.

It’s not some new 2011 trend, poker patches have disappeared in a big way with black Friday and the demise of USA poker websites all but wiping out some of the best represented hosts.

By far the biggest casualty is Full Tilt  which at one stage was seen somewhere on just about every single table.

Now you’d be hard pressed finding a logo anywhere.

It’s a similar story for PokerStars although it has been noticed that their presence is still a fair bit stronger.

The big improvers are the European poker websites.

Plenty of people were on hand with lesser known website affiliations, rooms with domains ending in .fr (France) or .it (Italy).

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Overall though the early signs are all good out of the World Series of Poker event in Las Vegas.

Plenty of people are keeping a close eye on the event to see how it goes and are using it to gauge the effect of black Friday on the poker realm.

Some where even quoted as saying they expected to see attendance drop to levels not seen since the popular rise of poker during the early 2000′s.

Well that couldn’t be more wrong, in fact poker is more popular than ever, WSOP stats show participation up a massive 8.5%.

This is the third largest field for this event in its history.

While the long term effects of black Friday still remain to be seen on both online and live poker, the fact is that right now people are happy just to be back doing what they love, playing poker.

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