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PokerStars Release 2014 Spring Championship of Online Poker Official Schedule

by Bridget Wright | Published: Thursday, April 17th, 2014

PokerStars released its official schedule for the 2014 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) on Wednesday. For the first time in the annual poker festival’s history, there will be three events on each day of the series, creating a total of 45 events – each with three different buy-in ranges (low, medium, and high). The festival will run from May 4-18 with $40 million in guaranteed prize pools.

The first event—a NL Hold’em—is scheduled to kick off at 11:00 EDT on Sunday, May 4, and the series will culminate with a Main Event on Sunday, May 18. The Main Event will feature buy-ins of $109 (low), $1,050 (medium), and $10,300 (high).

Last year’s victor Victor “Isildur1” Blom took home $1,096,200 from the Main Event, after defeating Noah Boeken heads-up. Other past winners of the event include Nick “GripDsNutz” Grippo (2012), Sami “Lrslzk” Kelopuro (2011), Ryan “toetagU” Fair (2010) and Jude “j.thaddeus” Ainsworth (2009).

The 2014 schedule will feature several different poker variants, including limit hold-em, pot-limit Omaha, H.O.R.S.E., five-card draw, 2-7 single draw, and badugi.

Take a look at some of the events from the 2014 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker schedule below and determine which Events you want to enter.

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Sunday, May 4
11:00 EDT — Event 1-L: $27 NL Hold’em (6-Max)
11:00 EDT — Event 1-M: $215 NL Hold’em (6-Max)
11:00 EDT — Event 1-H: $2,100 NL Hold’em (6-Max)

Monday, May 5
17:00 EDT — Event 6-L: $7.50 NL Hold’em (Turbo w/ Rebuys)
17:00 EDT — Event 6-M: $82 NL Hold’em (Turbo w/ Rebuys)
17:00 EDT — Event 6-H: $700 NL Hold’em (Turbo w/ Rebuys)

Tuesday, May 6
14:00 EDT — Event 8-L: $7.50 NL Hold’em (Heads-Up)
14:00 EDT — Event 8-M: $82 NL Hold’em (Heads-Up)
14:00 EDT — Event 8-H: $700 NL Hold’em (Heads-Up)

Wednesday, May 7
17:00 EDT — Event 12-L: $27 Stud
17:00 EDT — Event 12-M: $215 Stud
17:00 EDT — Event 12-H: $2,100 Stud

Thursday, May 8
14:00 EDT — Event 14-L: $27 PL Omaha Heads-up
14:00 EDT — Event 14-M: $215 PL Omaha Heads-up
14:00 EDT — Event 14-H: $2,100 PL Omaha Heads-up

Friday, May 9
11:00 EDT — Event 16-L: $11 NL Hold’em (Big Antes, Rebuys)
11:00 EDT — Event 16-M: $109 NL Hold’em (Big Antes, Rebuys)
11:00 EDT — Event 16-H: $1,050 NL Hold’em (Big Antes, Rebuys)

Saturday, May 10
11:00 EDT — Event 19-L: $27 NL Hold’em (6-Max Shootout)
11:00 EDT — Event 19-M: $215 NL Hold’em (6-Max Shootout)
11:00 EDT — Event 19-H: $2,100 NL Hold’em (6-Max Shootout)

Sunday, May 11
17:00 EDT — Event 24-L: $11 PL Omaha (Six-Max Turbo w/ Rebuys)
17:00 EDT — Event 24-M: $109 PL Omaha (Six-Max Turbo w/ Rebuys)
17:00 EDT — Event 24-H: $1,050 PL Omaha (Six-Max Turbo w/ Rebuys)

Monday, May 12
11:00 EDT — Event 25-L: $11 Mixed NLHE/PLO
11:00 EDT — Event 25-M: $109 Mixed NLHE/PLO
11:00 EDT — Event 25-H: $1,050 Mixed NLHE/PLO

Tuesday, May 13
11:00 EDT — Event 28-L: $27 FL Triple Draw 2-7
11:00 EDT — Event 28-M: $215 FL Triple Draw 2-7
11:00 EDT — Event 28-H: $2,100 FL Triple Draw 2-7

Wednesday, May 14
14:00 EDT — Event 32-L: $27 NL Hold’em (Progressive Super Knockout)
14:00 EDT — Event 32-M: $215 NL Hold’em (Progressive Super Knockout)
14:00 EDT — Event 32-H: $2,100 NL Hold’em (Progressive Super Knockout)

Thursday, May 15
11:00 EDT — Event 34-L: $27 8-Game
11:00 EDT — Event 34-M: $215 8-Game
11:00 EDT — Event 34-H: $2,100 8-Game

Friday, May 16
14:00 EDT — Event 38-L: $27 HORSE
14:00 EDT — Event 38-M: $215 HORSE
14:00 EDT — Event 38-H: $2,100 HORSE

Saturday, May 17
14:00 EDT — Event 41-L: $215 NL Hold’em Heads-up High Roller
14:00 EDT — Event 41-M: $2,100 NL Hold’em Heads-up High Roller
14:00 EDT — Event 41-H: $21,000 NL Hold’em Heads-up High Roller

Sunday, May 18
14:30 EDT — Event 44-L: $109 NL Hold’em Main Event ($100K+ to 1st)
14:30 EDT — Event 44-M: $1,050 NL Hold’em Main Event ($300K+ to 1st)
14:30 EDT — Event 44-H: $10,300 NL Hold’em Main Event ($500K+ to 1st)


Borgata Files Lawsuit against Phil Ivey for Alleged Baccarat Cheating

by Bridget Wright | Published: Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City is suing poker legend Phil Ivey for $9.6 million he made at the Baccarat table in their casino as they believe he cheated his way to the win, according to a report made in the New Jersey Law Journal last week.

The lawsuit entered by Borgata alleges that Ivey used “edge sorting” to exploit manufacturing flaws in playing cards during four sessions of Baccarat at the casino during 2012. Edge sorting is a method of spotting tiny variations in the pattern printed on the backs on cards to predict which suit/number the card will be.

Borgata has also named the card manufacturer, Germaco Inc., which designed the cards, and Ivey’s partner, Cheng Yin Sun, in the suit. Yin Sun reportedly accompanied Ivey to the Baccarat table and gave instructions to the dealer.

Among the many charges listed in the lawsuit are breach of contract, racketeering, fraud, conversion, unjust enrichment, and civil conspiracy.

Surprisingly, Ivey is currently involved in another very similar case – but on the other end. The biggest legal battle in the UK casino history unfolded last May, when Ivey sued the Crockfords Casino for withholding £7.8 million (about $12 million) he won playing Punto Banco, a form of baccarat, because they claimed he used the “edge sorting” method and didn’t deserve his winnings.

Ivey admitted to using edge sorting at Crockfords, but said the casino only had itself to blame for not recognizing it. It wasn’t a premeditated plan, just something he picked up on during the play and used to his advantage. He released the following statement last May:

“I am deeply saddened that Crockfords has left me no alternative but to proceed with legal action, following its decision to withhold my winnings. I have much respect for Gentings, which has made this a very difficult decision for me… Over the years I have won and lost substantial sums at Crockfords and I have always honored my commitments. At the time, I was given a receipt for my winnings but Crockfords subsequently withheld payment. I, therefore, feel I have no alternative but to take legal action.”

This story is still developing, but based on the Crockfords case, Ivey will not be taking this lying down. Many poker fans don’t believe Ivey has cheated, and deserves his winnings from both casinos.

Comments on PokerNews have noted that: “It would only be considered cheating if you knew about the defects before you sat at table. Purposely manipulating the way cards are entered in shufflers is deceitful and I would consider that cheating as well. The dealer is responsible for not reporting the request to the pit boss and should have had realized this was a huge red flag.”


“Borgata affords him the opportunity to cheat and then turns around and sues him. Completely laughable. It should have just resulted in an expensive lesson to the Borgata being: look for possible restitution by suing the faulty playing card manufacturer and not the player.”

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The 2014 Aussie Millions to Premiere on ESPN on Sunday, April 20

by Bridget Wright | Published: Sunday, April 13th, 2014

The Asia-Pacific region’s richest and most prestigious poker series, the 2014 Aussie Millions, is headed to television. The series wrapped up back in February at Crown Casino in Melbourne, and will be making its television debut on Sunday, April 20 at 9:00 PM EST on ESPN Australia.

The broadcast will consist of 12 one-hour episodes that will air every Sunday evening. The premiere episode will feature the final table of the Aussie Millions Main Event, which was a part of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) for the first time. Future episodes will feature the likes of the $100,000 Challenge, the $250,000 Challenge and the High-Stakes Cash Game.

“Crown is thrilled to be working together with APPT and ESPN in showcasing the 2014 Aussie Millions,” said Jim Preston, Crown Melbourne’s Director of Poker. “This premiere will be a world exclusive featuring the best international poker players in some of the biggest buy-in events in poker. Crown Melbourne and the Aussie Millions, along with the city of Melbourne, will be showcased to worldwide audiences.”

Viewers will see the likes of ESPN sports anchor Russell ‘The Sportsguy’ Barwick and model, television presenter, and 2011 Miss Universe Australia Scherri-Lee Biggs as hosts of the programs. While expert poker commentators will include ‘The Voice’ of Australian poker, Paul Khoury, and Grant Levy, one of Australia’s most successful and respected poker champions, who is recognized worldwide for his analytical skills.

“The Aussie Millions has always been my favorite poker series and is such a strong and well represented brand worldwide. To be involved in the production for Crown Melbourne, APPT and ESPN is a great privilege,” said Levy, the 2007 APPT Grand Final Champion.

To summarize, the details of the Aussie Millions premiere are:

  • Program: Crown’s 2014 Aussie Millions Poker Championship
  • Network: ESPN Australia
  • Dates: Premiere Sunday April 20, 2014
  • Time: 9:00 PM EST

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Sun, Apr. 13 5:03 PM Championship Main Event #98 – $300,000 Guaranteed NLHE $425 + $25
Sun, Apr. 13 6:33 PM Championship Second Chance Event #99 – $50,000 Guaranteed NLHE $200 + $15
Sun, Apr. 13 8:03 PM Championship Wrap-Up Event #100 – $30,000 Gtd (Turbo) NLHE $100 + $9

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Borgata Introduces State-of-the-Art Poker Chips Following January Scandal

by Bridget Wright | Published: Friday, April 11th, 2014

Poker enthusiasts out there may remember the counterfeit chip scandal that rocked the Borgata Winter Poker Open $2 Million Guarantee. The event was suspended, and later cancelled, after counterfeit chips were found in a player’s hotel toilet. Christian Lusardi, 42, was ultimately charged for the crime.

Borgata aren’t willing to let anything like it happen again. In preparation for the 2014 Borgata Spring Poker Open, which is happening right now, the Borgata Casino Hotel & Spa has introduced a new range of poker chips.

The new state-of-the-art chips were created for the 17-event series running from April 8 – 26 that culminates with the $5 million guarantee World Poker Tour Championship.

Tournament Director Tab Duchateau tweeted a picture of the new chips on Monday, along with the message “Borgata Spring Open Event 1a 1 mill guar. starts tom. at 11am. will be using new chips with enhanced security #warned.”

The poker chips have distinct special markings when viewed under a blue light, making it instantly easier to spot counterfeit ones. Since Monday, the tournament staff has been verifying chips at every table during each break.

“This was very expensive, but very necessary,” Borgata Senior Vice President Joe Lupo told the Associated Press. “In order to have the biggest tournaments in Atlantic City and as the market leader, we need to ensure the integrity of the games.”

“We will be checking chips randomly throughout the day using a new process involving the UV lights,” Lupo concluded.

The European Poker Tour (EPT) recently used similar blue-light technology in its most recent stop in Vienna.

A member of the Borgata staff also spoke to PokerNews Live Reporting Team, and revealed there are “other” means of verifying chips in their power. To keep these a secret from possible cheaters, the verification process was no further explained.

We will see during the rest of the Open if these anti-counterfeit measures find any potential cheaters.

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Carbon Poker Mobile Accolade

by Bridget Wright | Published: Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Strut your stuff at the poker tables with a brand new mobile accolade!

Starting April 1st, 2014 Carbon Poker Carbon Poker is giving players who played in one Cash Game or Sit & Go using their mobile device or tablet a special mobile accolade.

The accolade will be automatically awarded to any player who uses their mobile device or tablet to play in a Cash Game or Sit & Go. Once qualified, this new accolade will automatically display on your player bezel at the poker client within 36 hours.

Please Note: If you have already used your mobile device or tablet to play one Cash Game or Sit & Go previously you will receive the accolade immediately without having to redo the above task. The mobile accolade will override any existing accolade.

Cash Game

Play any of Carbon Poker’s fifteen poker games using “real” chips and money to get your accolade. These include Texas Hold’em, Omaha Poker, Omaha Hi/Lo, Stud Poker, 7 Card Stud, H.O.R.S.E., and  Razz.

Sit & Go Tournaments

Carbon Poker prides itself on offering fantastic Sit & Go tournaments that enables players to play whenever they want to at stakes as low as $1.10 and high as $1,050. With an array of games, speeds and no start times, players can play in any sized table whenever they want. Take a look at the below Sit & Go Tournament schedule and hit the tables.


Speed Table Size Game Type Buy-In
Regular Regular Full Ring NLHE $1.10-$215
Turbo Turbo 6-Max & Full Ring NLHE $1.10-$215
Turbo Turbo Full Ring PLO8 $1.10-$11
Hyper Turbo Hyper Turbo 6-Max NLHE $1.10-$215
Knockout Turbo Full Ring NLHE $1.10-$109
Double or Nothing Turbo 10-Handed NLHE $1.10-$109
Regular HU Regular Heads Up NLHE $1.10-$215
Turbo HU Turbo Heads Up NLHE $1.10-$215
Hyper Turbo HU Hyper Turbo Heads Up NLHE



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