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Team Poker Stars Defeats Full Tilt Professionals

by | Published: Sunday, March 17th, 2013

Team Pokerstars Pokerstars, led by Daniel Negreanu, has defeated the Gus Hansen-led Full Tilt Professionals in their battleship team challenge at the European Poker Tour London Event.

Negreanu and his teammates Isaac Haxton and Bertrand Grospellier will each collect $50,000 from Hansen, Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom as well as $10,000 in tournament buy-ins from Full Tilt Poker.

Each individual match-up was played in a best of three table’s format.

The first game saw Grospellier taking on Blom and the Frenchman wasted little time jumping to a 1-0 lead.

Grospellier claimed the tie for Team Pokerstars Pokerstars in the second game before making it a clean sweep just a couple of hands later.

Haxton and Dwan had done battle many times before in a heads-up format with both players knowing the others games inside out.

Both players were cautious in the opening stages of the tie but after twenty-three hands Haxton scored the first table with a set of fours.

It didn’t take long for Dwan to even the tie and take the leg to a third and final table.

Haxton was extremely short-stacked and was; arguably, fairly lucky to get himself back into the hunt after going all in pre-flop with his last 396 in chips.

The luck continued for Haxton and he was able to win the game and secure the match for Team Pokerstars Pokerstars.

That wasn’t the end of the action with Hansen and Negreanu battling on the felt for $50,000.

Negreanu quickly took a one-nil lead and secured the tie with a victory on table two just a few hands later.

Just to rub it in Negreanu was able to come from behind on the third and final table to secure a clean sweep.

The event was very well received by the poker community and both teams said they looked forward to further battles in the future.

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Negreanu Announces Team Poker Stars Teammates

by | Published: Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Daniel Negreanu has named Isaac Haxton and Bertrand Grospellier as his teammates to take on the Full Tilt Professionals during the European Poker Tour London event next week.

The Full Tilt Professionals team is led by Gus Hansen and includes Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom.

The challenge will played with a best of three structure with the winners of each match receiving $50,000 from their opponent and the members of the winning team scoring $10,000 in tournament buy-ins from the opposing online poker room.

Hansen was given his choice of match-ups and chose to face Negreanu while Grospellier will take on Blom and Dwan will do battle with Haxton.

Negreanu said the decision was very tough but ended up backing the judgment of his fellow Team Pokerstars Pokerstars pros.

“The unanimous choice, the number one guy that everybody thought was the right pick and I was planning on picking him almost certainly was Isaac Haxton,” Negreanu said.

“I’ve played heads-up with Isaac and he is probably the most experienced player on Team Pokerstars Pokerstars in this specific format so you absolutely cannot go wrong with this pick.”

Negreanu said the second pick was much tougher but is happy to into battle with Bertrand Grospellier.

“There was a case to be made for everybody but I was specifically looking at this specific format and match-up wise so I ended up going with Grospellier,” Negreanu said.

Negreanu said he hoped the event would be a bit of fun and create some positive headlines for poker.

“One of my New Year’s resolutions was to create some positive headlines for poker in light of what happened on Black Friday,” the popular Canadian said.

“I thought it’d be really cool, and I thought fans would really enjoy watching a match like this go down.”

The challenge will take place on Sunday March 10th at 10 a.m. ET and will be played online with Full Tilt Poker.

This means that anybody with a Full Tilt Poker account can log-on and follow all the action live.

Top Five Poker Players of 2012

by | Published: Friday, January 4th, 2013

2012 was truly an incredible year for poker. After Black Friday tarnished 2011 for the Poker world it was good to see Poker get back into the headlines for the right reasons in 2012. The Big One For One Drop tournament, the incredible final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event and the reopening of Full Tilt Poker were some of the biggest stories of the year. However, the question remains who were the best poker players in 2012? We have come up with a list of five players who we believe were a cut above the rest in 2012.

5. Dan Smith

Dan Smith truly had a breakout year in 2012. He started the year by defeating a star-studded field in the Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge which was only a sign of things to come for the popular American. Smith went on to dominate the Monte-Carlo Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final and had a consistent World Series of Poker without winning a bracelet. He continued his winning ways by finishing the year with two more European Poker Tour victories. Smith truly had an incredible year and the only thing stopping him from being higher on this list was his failure to win a World Series of Poker bracelet.

4. Marvin Rettenmaier

Marvin Rettenmaier made history in 2012 by becoming the first player in history to win back to back World Poker Tour events. Rettenmaier scored the biggest win of his career by taking home $1,196,858 in the World Poker Tour $25,000 Championship and backed it up with victory in the WPT Merit Cyprus Classic $4,000 Main Event. As well as a deep run in the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event he finished the year with victory at the European Poker Tour Prague Event. The incredible achievement of winning back to back tournaments of such size puts Rettenmaier just above Smith on our list.

3. Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth had a terrific 2011 but he took his game to a whole new level in 2012. The ‘Poker Brat’ finally won his elusive 12th World Series of Poker bracelet in the $2,500 Seven Card Razz event and went on to record good results in the $10,000 H.O.R.S.E and $1 million Big One For One Drop events. But Hellmuth wasn’t finished there. He headed across the Atlantic for the World Series of Poker Europe and absolutely dominated the field in the Main Event to take home his 13th bracelet and become the first player to win the main event of both World Series events. It was a truly banner year for a player who seems to keep on getting better.

2. Antonio Esfandiari

With one fell swoop Antonio Esfandiari became the most successful player in the history of tournament poker. The Big One For One Drop tournament was the biggest in poker history with a $1 million buy-in and featured a small but tough field of professional poker players and wealthy businessmen. Esfandiari showed just how good he really is by winning the tournament and taking home the incredible prize of $ 18,346,673. That wasn’t his only successes in 2012 as “The Magician” went on to claim another World Series of Poker bracelet at the WSOP Europe. While Esfandiari didn’t win his as many tournaments as those below him on the list his victory in the Big One For One Drop tournament will go down as one of the most memorable in poker history and makes him worthy of this spot on the list.

1. Greg Merson

Greg Merson dominated the 2012 World Series of Poker like no other. He started the Series by winning his first bracelet as well as the biggest payday in his tournament poker career. Having already had a successful World Series Merson entered the Main Event despite stating that he doesn’t like tournament poker. Merson not only went on to claim the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event World Championship he also stole the title of World Series of Poker Player of the Year away from Hellmuth. Amazingly, just over a year ago Merson was battling a drug addiction that appeared as though it might derail not only his poker career but his life. Thankfully, Merson got his career and his life back on track and is an extremely deserving winner of our player of the year award.

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Hope For Frustrated Full-Tilt Poker Players

by | Published: Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

It appears as if the French company looking to buy out embattled poker website Full Tilt poker could be just days away from making an official announcement confirming the takeover.

Rumours have been circulating for months that Groupe Bernard Tapie, was close to reaching a deal but now it appears as if an agreement may have been struck with the Department of Justice.

Jeff Ifrah is the attorney working on behalf of Full Tilt’s CEO Ray Bitar and says an unofficial agreement appears to have been reached.

“I have not seen final paperwork but I believe a deal in principle has been reached.” He said.

It’s hoped that any deal made would bring closer the possibility of players being paid out the $300 million currently owed to them.

Full Tilt said two months ago that any sale would be contingent on resolving its case with the Department of Justice.

No doubt players won’t be getting too excited though with a deal of a similar nature rumoured to have been brokered all the way back in June with nothing coming of it.

Groupe Bernard Tapie has a chequered history but at the same time has built a reputation for getting the job done.

Back in the 80′s former chairman Bernard Tapie is said to have turned around the financial state of no less than 40 companies.

In 1997 though the 68-year-old former owner of Adidas, spent time in prison after fixing a soccer match.

He was also convicted for tax fraud in a non-related matter.

Either way it’s some sort of hope for the thousands of players stills tuck in limbo.

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Full Tilt Cops Canadian Class Action

by | Published: Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Canadian poker players have become the latest group to launch an attack on Full Tilt Poker with a class action lawsuit filed earlier this week.

Jeff Orenstein, attorney for the Consumer Law Group, submitted the suit in the Superior Court of Quebec.

He represents an unspecified number of Canadian players who’s funds remain inaccessible following the websites closure on ‘black Friday’.

According to the CLG website a statement reads, “the class action lawsuit involves Full Tilt Poker’s illegal freezing of customers’ money that is kept in their internet poker player’s accounts.”

In estimates made by Orenstein there could be as much as $10 million worth of Canadian funds still tied up by the U.S. Department of Justice’s freezing of Full Tilt accounts.

In Canada itself there are currently no restrictions on online poker however because Full Tilt was based in the USA they, like players from all over the world, were also caught up in the fiasco.

The website was licensed under the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) with that approval being suspended in late June.

A hearing will get underway this week in regards to reinstating or permanently revoking their license however even if Full Tilt were to re-surface it’s still highly unlikely funds would be immediately available.

Reports have been flooding in about the dire financial position the website was in even before black Friday and after paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars in overdue fees to the AGCC that has only got worse.

The following names are listed on the lawsuit filed  by Orenstein:

Tiltware LLC, Pocket Kings Ltd., Filco Ltd., Ranson Ltd., Mail Media Ltd., owners Ray Bitar and Nelson Burtnick and some members of Team Full Tilt, which includes Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, Phil Ivey, Andy Bloch, Erick Lindgren, Jennifer Harman, Allen Cunningham, Erik Seidel and Mike Matusow.

This isn’t the first time a class action has been fired towards Full Tilt with the Southern District of New York fielding a case on behalf of American players.

That being said the attorneys of record for that case, Jeff Ifrah and David, later withdrew it on the basis that, ““continued representation of [the] defendants would create unreasonable financial burden to our law firm.”

Latest estimates of Full Tilt’s total bill to players is that the number could be as high as $150 million with very little capacity to pay any of it back.

Fellow website Pokerstars which was caught up in black Friday as well had similar debts but was able to honour players cash out requests.

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