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Lock Poker Launches a New Beginning!

by | Published: Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

After experiencing a few minor difficulties recently, Lock Poker Lock Poker is excited to announce their re-launch with all-new software under the title Lock Poker 2.0!

Players spoke and Lock Poker listened, ensuring the absolute best platform for all members new and old to utilize on their way to a brilliant online Poker experience!

While still offering the same great games and tables, Lock Poker has essentially updated their old software to brand new, state-of-the-art with great security walls, faster deposit and withdrawal options and a more user-friendly interface.

In continued brilliance, Lock Poker is offering upwards of 20 different tournaments a day, including a guaranteed $1,000 tourney with a fee of as little as 40 cents! What a great way to spend an evening – staking less than a dollar with a chance of a $1,000 return!

Of course, Lock Poker Lock Poker also offers members who enjoy a more high-rolling approach with a list of great high stakes games, including a daily $5000 guaranteed Satellite Super Turbo tournament with a buy-in of only $200.

As an added bonus, Lock Poker is offering all players looking to win a huge prize the opportunity to do just that every week! Are you looking to build up your bankroll quickly? Every Sunday, Lock Poker offers a $100,000 Guarantee Tournament for anyone and everyone! Buy your seat with cash, VIP points or win your seat in one of many weekly Satellite tournaments!

All players new an old can be assured of a 100% safe, professional and overall rewarding online poker experience at the all-new and improved Lock Poker!

To start playing at the platform trusted by Poker Professionals everywhere like Annette Obrestad, Francisco Costa and Greg Tiller, head over at sign up at Lock Poker Lock Poker today!

Bovada Poker Launches New Fast-Paced Zone Poker!

by | Published: Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Following what appears to be a surge by betting agencies to introduce a quick alternative to everyone’s online poker favourites, Bovada Poker Bovada Poker have launched ‘Zone Poker’; a fast-action alternative to the standard formats of the game.

Zone Poker essentially allows players to play more hands because there isn’t any time wasted waiting as other players fold and take their time.

Once a player folds their hand, they are immediately transported to a brand new table with a new set of cards and new opportunities.

The option to pre-fold is also available at Bovada Poker Bovada Poker, whereby players can choose to pass in their cards before it’s their turn, moving them to a new table even faster!

Players at Bovada Poker Bovada Poker are also given access to ‘bad beat’ and ‘royal flush’ bonuses, as well as $15,000 in monthly free rolls!

Further to the fast paced demeanor of the game, the ability for every player to fold immediately opens up so many more winning opportunities for players who decide to wait and see how many other players they will be battling against; essentially allowing ‘weaker’ hands to gain a lot more success!

What makes Bovada Poker Bovada Poker’s Zone Poker different is its anonymous nature, allowing for a much more even and fair playing field.

In typical Bovada Poker Bovada Poker fashion, special sign up and deposit bonuses are available for new members all year round, as well as particularly good loyalty bonuses for those already belonging to their highly valued members list.

If you would like to take advantage of Bovada Poker Bovada Poker’s newest inclusion but don’t have an account, head over today and sign up!