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Paul Hockins win Australia New Zealand Poker Tour Melbourne

by | Published: Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Semi-professional poker player Paul Hockin was victorious in the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour Melbourne yesterday.

The New Zealander outlasted a field of 345 players to take home the first place prize of $101,275.

The tournament was a marathon effort for Hockin with play going until 5am on the penultimate day of competition.

An exhausted Hockin was simply glad that the tournament was over and that he now had time for some much deserved sleep.

“I’m just stocked as that the tournament is over to be honest it has been such a grind,” Hockin said.

“We were playing until about 4 or 5am last night and I got home, got about four hours sleep and had to take a sleeping pill before coming back here for another late one

“I’m just looking forward to having a good sleep to be honest.”

The final table looked as though it was going to be over fairly quickly and Hockin was happy to stay out of the action early.

“We started off and a couple of the short stacks busted pretty early and I was pretty happy about that just moving up the pay bracket,” he said.

“Unfortunately I felt as though it was some of the better players taking most of the chips.”

The table was quickly down to only three players but at that point play really slowed down.

The three-handed battle took more than three and a half hours before Ashley Warner knocked out Michael Guzzardi.

Warner took a big lead into the heads-up battle with Hockins but the Kiwi doubled up twice and quick succession and was able to land the killer blow shortly afterwards.

Hockin clearly hadn’t lost his sense of humor after the long tournament and joked that he was looking to gamble when asked how he planned to spend the first place prizemoney.

“I’m thinking about heading down to the roulette wheel and putting it all on red,” Hockin said.

It has been a big gambling week in Melbourne with the Melbourne Cup racing carnival in full swing.

The ANZPT continues in Auckland on the 21st of November.

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