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Oleksii Khoroshenin Takes Home EPT Vienna Main Event

by | Published: Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

The European Poker Tour Vienna Main Event was a grueling six-day battle, but not too many were complaining since it was held in the breathtaking Hofburg Palace in downtown Vienna. It ended up being Oleksii Khoroshenin who was crowned as winner, taking home €578,392 in prize money.

Khoroshenin was the Day 1a chip leader and he managed to carry that success and lead all the way through to the end of the tournament. This win made Khoroshenin the first-ever Ukrainian EPT winner, and over 500 thousand euro richer, after beating Austrian Anthony Ghamrawi heads up. He also won a beautiful trophy and a stunning watch from luxury Swiss brand SLYDE worth more than €5,000, which could now become his official good luck charm for future poker tournaments.

Final Table Results

Place Name Country Prize
1 Oleksii Khoroshenin Ukraine €578,392
2 Anthony Ghamrawi Austria €446,481
3 Marko Neumann Germany €638,127
4 Pablo Gordillo Spain €262,150
5 Timo Pfutzenreuter Germany €203,900
6 Simeon Naydenov Bugaria €151,000
7 Frei Dilling Denmark €108,100
8 Rumen Nanev Bulgaria €77,000


The final table kicked off with plenty of fireworks. Big names were going head to head in clashes, some came out victorious (Marko Neumann) while others faltered (Frei Dilling). After just two hands, it was clear that nobody was just going to run over this stacked final table.

Neumann took the lead on the table after about thirty minutes, when fellow German Timo Pfutzenreuter tried to pull a big bluff and failed. With that he had enough chips to constantly pressure his fellow opponents. However he did not maintain the lead long as Anthony Ghamrawi took big pots from Pablo Gordillo and WSOP bracelet winner Simeon Naydenov. His bluff would be detrimental to his fortunes, and he was unable to climb out of his hole.

It took over three and a half hours before the first player was knocked out, despite the high-paced play. Rumen Nanev was first to go as ran ace-king into Khoroshenin’s pocket queens. It wasn’t all bad for Nanev; he did manage to leave the table €77,000 richer.

Dilling was the next player out, and it came as quite a surprise to the fellow players at the final table. Dilling ran a huge bluff against Neumann, but unfortunately it did not pay off and cost him his tournament life.

Play slowed down again after Dilling’s exit, and Khoroshenin and Neumann kept picking up more chips. Naydenov got knocked out in sixth place after losing a vital coin-flip with an ace-jack versus Ghamrawi’s pocket tens. The Bulgarian walked away with over €150,000, but he was obviously not happy.

When Naydenov hit the rails, eventual winner Khoroshenin moved into the chip lead, managing to win a few pots off Neumann. Pfutzenreuter bided his time, waiting to move all in, but when he finally did his pocket sixes were no match for Ghamrawi’s sevens. He left the table in fifth place with €203,900.

The table did not sit four for too long after, as Spaniard Pablo Gordillo hit the rails 20 minutes later.

Play chips went back and forth during the three-handed play, and a deal was discussed after the dinner break with the final three players agreeing to the following numbers with €50,000 left to play for.

Name Chip Count Deal Amount Original Amount
Marko Neumann 13,920,000 €638,127 1st — €816,000
Oleksii Khoroshenin 8,635,000 €528,392 2nd — €497,900
Anthony Ghamrawi 4,690,000 €446,481 3rd — €349,100


The play continued to be furious, but there were no victories for several hours. Shockingly, it was long-time chip leader Neumann who was knocked out first. He was crushed by Khoroshenin in consecutive hands, something he couldn’t come back from. The German pro was the favorite for most of the final table and he ultimately walked away with the biggest payday during this event due to the three-handed deal, so there was no real love lost.

Khoroshenin started heads-up play with a huge chip lead of 20.7 million to Ghamrawi’s 6.5 million, but it would actually take some time for him to finish the deal. After a 45-minute battle, Khoroshenin managed to cash in on his chip lead and knocked out Ghamrawi.

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