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PokerStars Bans Political Statement Displays at EPT Events

by | Published: Monday, August 25th, 2014

When Olivier Busquet and Daniel Colman stepped out to the final table at the European Poker Tour €50,000 Super High Roller last Wednesday wearing “Save Gaza” and “Free Palestine” t-shirts, criticism ran throughout the poker community.

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Following the wave of criticism that a poker game is not the platform for political statements, PokerStars has decided to change the rules regarding the display of political statements as slogans at the live events.

“Our tournaments are designed to promote poker and poker competition and not as a platform for political statements,” PokerStars’ Head of Corporate Communications Eric Hollreiser wrote in a statement sent to CardPlayer Lifestyle’s Robbie Strazynski.

“Players have many channels to express their views on world politics, but our tournaments are not an appropriate place,” Hollreiser continued. “We will refuse entry to any player displaying political statements of any kind.”

While many thought the two high-profile players using the visibility and popularity of the EPT event to encourage the poker community to talk about the conflict between Isreal and Palestine was a daring move, it was not condoned by everyone. Criticism toward the statements started as soon as the live stream of the final table began. Suddenly it stopped being about a fun poker event.

“[It] doesn’t matter what “side” you are on. [The] EPT is embarrassing itself by allowing Daniel Colman and Olivier Busquet to wear those t-shirts,” Strazynski wrote on Twitter before publishing an article on CardPlayer Lifestyle titled “There’s No Room for Politics in Poker”.

Strazynski, who strongly believes that topics as politics and religion are to be avoided at all costs at the poker table, believes that “[if] any poker player wish to use the prestige of their notoriety to advocate a particular political issue, it’s their prerogative. However, PokerStars and other governing and sanctioning bodies in poker ought to have a rule against politics at the table itself.”

However, there are other poker buffs who disagree. Shortly following the publication of Strazynski’s opinion piece, poker historian Nolan Dalla expressed his opposing views in his own post title “Political Censorship Has No Place in Poker”.

Dalla believes that the initiative of the two players did not deserve all the criticism it raised, nor it should have led PokerStars to rule in favor of a ban against the display of political statements.

“There was nothing profane nor vulgar about either item of clothing,” Dalla wrote. “Frankly, the t-shirts would hardly even be noticed on the streets of any cosmopolitan city.”

Dalla, who is the media director for the World Series of Poker and a famed poker writer, believes the ban by PokerStars is perhaps well-intended, but it is still an act against the important individual right of free expression.

“Frankly, we need more politics — just about everywhere. We need more discussion about problems and possible solutions. Not during poker hands, mind you,” Dalla explained.

Free Palestine, or End Apartheid, or Obama 2012, or Tea Party 2014, or I love Israel, or any other political expression is entirely appropriate in a free democratic society,” Dalla concluded.

“I’ve seen all of these shirts in poker rooms over the years. Here’s some advice — if you don’t like what you see, then turn away. If you don’t like the message or the person, then don’t talk to them.”

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Olivier Busquet Wins EPT Barcelona Super High Roller

by | Published: Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

olivier busquet EPT Barcelona winnerThe momentous 100th stop of the European Poker Tour got off to a great start as Olivier Busquet won the EPT Barcelona €50,000 Super High Roller. He took out a total prize win of €896,434, securing the second live tournament of his career.

Busquet topped an elite, record-breaking field of 77 competitors to take out the top prize, a record which previously stood at 64 entries.

For his victory, Busquet had to defeat his good friend and most recent winner of the World Series of Poker Big One for One Drop, Daniel Colman. Colman shouldn’t be too upset, he has had an impressive year in live tournaments, and earned himself €843,066 for coming in second place.

Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Olivier Busquet €896,434
2 Daniel Colman €843,066
3 Vladimir Troyanovskiy €473,200
4 Scott Seiver €364,200
5 Sam Trickett €288,400
6 Sven Reichardt €225,500
7 Morten Klein €177,500
8 Dan Shak €138,600

Busquet had an amazing day from the outset. He scored a runner-runner double up aginst Sven Reichardt that vaulted him into second place and from there, he was an unstoppable force.

Busquet and Colman easily defeated the other six players at the final table and then the two went to heads-up play. Busquet pulled off an impressive bluff-shove on the river with five high, and then managed a full house against Colman’s trips to score another big win.

On the final hand, Colman limp-shoved his short stack preflop with big slick, but couldn’t hold up against Busquet’s Queen and Jack of Hearts. Despite “losing”, Colman walked away with an impressive €843,066, earning himself another big score and taking his 2014 yearly earnings to a whopping $18,492,964.

Busquet had this tournament in the bag, with hardly anyone managing to send a ripple in his smooth-sailing journey to the top spot.

Busquet, who also works as a televised poker commentator when he’s not playing himself, scored the largest prize earning of his live poker career and moved to nearly $5.9 million in tournament earnings.

The EPT Barcelona action is still going strong, with the Main Even taking place tomorrow. There has been speculation that this will be the largest EPT event outside of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in history, so it’s one you surely won’t want to miss. The action kick off at 12 PM local time.

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EPT Berlin Main Event Enters Final Stages

by | Published: Friday, April 26th, 2013

After day four of the European Poker Tour Berlin Main Event there are only seventeen players left in the hunt for the title and the first place prize of € 880,000.

Hometown hero Roman Herold is currently the chip leader and holds a massive 4,485,000 in chips.

Herold won a massive pot against former chip-leader Aku Joentausta and continued to add to his monster chip stack throughout the night.

No matter where he finishes Herold will improve on his previous best tournament payday of € 20,000 that he won for finishing thirty-fifth in the European Poker Tour Barcelona Main Event.

Herold’s closest rival is Russian Dashgyn Aliev who currently has 3,931,000 in chips.

Aliev won the biggest pot of the day when he took down 1.6 million in chips and eliminated Colin Moffat and Daniel Reijmer.

Khiem Nguyen is one of the most experienced players remaining in the tournament and is currently sitting in third position with a chip stack of 2,788,000.

Nguyen has had previous success on the European Poker Tour, winning the € 1,000 Pot Limit Omaha Rebuy during the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo, and has been a consistent performer on the tournament circuit.

The biggest name remaining in the tournament is Olivier Busquet who is in fourteenth position with 736,000 in chips.

Busquet would desperately love to win this tournament to make up for his disappointment after finishing second the Main Event of the European Poker Tour Campione last year.

The New York native has been in good form so far in 2013 and has cashed in the Pokerstars Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure, World Poker Tour Borgata Winter Poker Open, Big Stax Poker Series and the Card Player Poker Tour.

Play resumes later today and will continue until a final table of eight players is reached.

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