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Online Poker Bill Fails To Pass

by | Published: Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

The effort to pass online poker legislation before the end of the year in the United States Congress has ended.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that the bill had run of time to pass in this legislative calendar.

Reid expressed his disappointment but said he would continue to fight for the bill.

“I remain committed to this issue and it will be a priority for us in the new Congress,” Reid said.

The Poker Players Alliance, the leading poker advocacy group that has over one million members, expressed their disappointment with Executive Director John Pappas releasing a statement yesterday.

“It is an extremely disappointing end to a year where tremendous progress was made,” Pappas said.

“I am most upset for the players, who have been calling on Congress for years to pass an Internet poker law that protects consumers, restores their freedoms and raises revenue.

“While I don’t think these voices have fallen on deaf ears, I am discouraged that Congress could not coalesce around a solution in the wake of the ongoing fiscal cliff crisis.

However, Pappas was quick to say that the fight was not over and that the Poker Players Alliance would continue to work with Senator Reid and push for the implementation of the bill.

“I hope all the stakeholders can put finger pointing aside, learn from this year’s failure, and begin the fight anew for 2013,” Pappas said.

“We are pleased that Senator Reid intends to push again in early 2013 and we will fight with him, but we are mindful that many states will move forward next year and the PPA must be at the forefront of those efforts as well.”

A California online poker bill is expected to be reintroduced to the state Senate within the next week.


Judge Rules Poker a Game of Skill

by | Published: Friday, August 24th, 2012

Poker has been ruled a game of skill, not chance, by a United States federal judge.

The ruling is a massive boost to poker players all over the United States and means that poker game operators should not be prosecuted under the federal law that prohibits the running of an illegal gambling business.

United States District Court Judge Jack Weinstein threw out the conviction of a man who was charged for hosting a high-stakes poker game in a New York warehouse.

“The government must demonstrate that it is more probable than not that poker is predominated by chance rather than skill. It has failed to do so. Expert poker players draw on an array of talents, including facility with numbers, knowledge of human psychology, and powers of observation and deception,” he wrote. “Players can use these skills to win, even if chance has not dealt them the better hand,” Judge Weinstein wrote in his 120-page opinion.

The ruling has been celebrated by the entire poker community.

The Poker Player’s Alliance, a nonprofit organization with more than one million members worldwide, were ecstatic that their hard work protecting the rights of poker players had finally paid off.

“As we worked for years defending players against vague gambling laws, we have patiently waited for the right opportunity to raise the issue in federal court. Today’s federal court ruling is a major victory for the game of poker and the millions of Americans who enjoy playing it,” said John Pappas, executive director of the PPA, in a statement.

“Judge Weinstein’s thoughtful decision recognizes what we have consistently argued for years: poker is not a crime, it is a game of skill. As the judge’s opinion aptly notes, poker is an American pastime that is deeply embedded in the history and fabric of our nation and his decision sets aside the notion that the vague laws render the game criminal.”

The decision is likely to be used as leverage for those advocating the legalization of Online Poker.