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Pennsylvania Next State to Legalize Online Poker?

by | Published: Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware are on the list of U.S. states to legalize and regulate online gaming, but another state could soon join that list – Pennsylvania.


Parx Casino set to launch simulated online casino in Pennsylvania.

In preparation of online gambling (including online casinos and poker rooms) being introduced to the Keystone State, Parx Casino, which is located in Bensalem, PA, has supposedly struck a deal with gaming developer GameAccount Network (GAN) to offer a stimulated online gaming experience for those players who just can’t wait.

“GAN has demonstrated its regulated gaming capability in New Jersey and the merits of simulated gaming when integrated with a casino management system,” said John Dixon, CTO of Greenwood Entertainment and Racing, which owns Parx Casino. “By deploying its system on-property, Parx Casino will have the opportunity to launch simulated gaming nationwide before year’s end and be well prepared in the event regulation of real-money internet gaming emerges in the state of Pennsylvania.”

The plan will be to launch the simulated gaming experience, comprising initially of just casino slots, in the fourth quarter of 2014 to players nationwide. When online gaming becomes legal in Pennsylvania, the site will be able to automatically switch to a real-money platform.

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A Pennsylvanian study released in early May projected that full regulated online gaming could potentially generate $184 million revenue for the state in the first year alone, growing to $307 million in subsequent years. Online poker would account for $77 million of the first-year revenue, and $129 million in the established years after that.

These statistics inspired State Sen. Kim Ward, who chairs the Senate Community, Economic and Recreational Development Committee that ordered the study, to become an advocator of bringing online gambling to the state.

“Internet gaming, pensions and liquor are the big issues on our plate,” Ward previously said in a phone interview with PokerNews. “iGaming hasn’t been there in the past, but now that this looks like it could be a source of income it will probably become a prominent part of the discussion.”

In June, a hearing was held to discuss the iGaming study, and most casinos showed interest in moving forward with some form of online gambling in Pennsylvania, which is the second-largest casino market in the U.S. with 12 casino properties.

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New Chip-Tracking Policy Introduced at Parx Poker after the Borgata Scandal

by | Published: Sunday, February 16th, 2014

After last month’s counterfeit chip scandal at the Borgata Winter Poker Open—in which 2.7 million worth of counterfeit chips were found and the open was eventually cancelled—Park Casino in Bensalem, Pennsylvania have plans to implement a revolutionary new chip-tracking policy in an effort to prevent a similar tragedy from happening at one of its events, most notably the Park BigStaxV coming up later this month.

Park poker ambassador Matt Glantz spoke exclusively to PokerNews about the chip-tracking policy:

“The recent counterfeit chip incident in the poker tournament industry has led to very real concerns within the poker community. This has been a big wake up call for all of us. It is imperative the poker industry takes the necessary steps to prevent similar situations in the future. The beauty and the allure of the casino poker tournament has always been that the most novice of poker players can sit down at any table full of more experienced players and comfortably know that if he or she hits a good run of cards, winning is in his or her grasp. Confidence that all players are on an equal playing field is something we can not take for granted.

“As a matter of record, Parx Casino has always done a complete inventory of all tournament chips prior to the start and after the completion of every single tournament, as required by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. A report is sent to the state Bureau of Gaming Operations at the end of each event as well, detailing any discrepancies in our inventory.

“Beginning with BigStaxV at Parx in February, tournament directors Dave Grubb and Tom Martucci are instituting a new policy that should help to deter any possible chip tampering at our venue. For every tournament held at the Parx Poker Room, the dealer at each table will be responsible for counting and logging the highest denomination chips for each seat at the table. At strategically determined breaks throughout the tournament, the dealer will be recording a log of chips at each table and our floor staff will be responsible for verifying and combining the logs to create a master list for the entire event. Also, as an additional measure the floor supervisors will be counting and logging every single chip (high and low denominations) at every table during the dinner break.

“In reality, there is nothing we can do to stop a criminal from introducing a fake chip, but these new policies will ensure we are updating the counts frequently and make the attempt fruitless, therefore discouraging this type of activity.

“We feel this new policy at Parx will deter any players from attempting the same type of illegal activity that has recently struck our industry. We will continually look forward to adding new safeguards at Parx Poker Room. We continue to appreciate suggestions from all players on new ideas to improve security.”

The series will run from February 20 through March 10, ending with the Parx Big Starx 1500 – A $1,600 buy-in main event with a $250,000 guaranteed prize pool.

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