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Become the Chip King at Carbon Poker

by | Published: Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

This April Carbon Poker Carbon Poker is bringing the ever popular $10,000 Chip King promotion back into the fold.

Starting April 1st (no this isn’t a joke), there will be a freeroll every Sunday of the month for players who opt-in to the Chip King promotion and earn a minimum of 100 VIP points in the month to qualify for each individual weekly freeroll. You have the chance to win $10,000 in freerolls, so you don’t want to miss out!

How it Works

Each week the prize pool for the Chip King Freeroll will grow. The first week Carbon Poker will award $1,000 in free cash, the second week $1,500, the third $2,500, and finally on April 27th all players who earned 500 VIP points between the 1st and 35th of April will gain entry to the final $5,000 freeroll. Custom starting stacks will be determined based on the total VIP points earned throughout the month.

How to Qualify

It’s easy. Players qualify by earning VIP points – that’s it. Each tournament has a qualification period, and if your account has earned at least 100 VIP Points during the qualification period you automatically qualify for the weekly freeroll! You will start with a stack corresponding to the amount of points you’ve earned below.

Chip King Qualification Periods:

Qualification Period Date Range Freeroll Prize Pool Freeroll Date
Week #1 April 1st – 4th $1,000 April 6th @ 15:00
Week #2 April 1st – 11th $1,500 April 13th @ 15:00
Week #3 April 1st – 18th $2,500 April 20th @ 15:00
Week #4 April 1st – 25th $5,000 April 27th @ 15:00

Note: all start times are in CST.


Starting Chips Stacks:

VIP Points Earned Starting Chip Stacks
100 – 249.9 250
250 – 499.9 500
500 – 999.9 1,000
1,000+ Custom Stack Based on VIP Points Earned


How to Enter

Simply go to your player admin and click the ‘Activate Promo’ button. From that point on, your VIP Points will be tracked and counted towards your Chip King qualification periods. Opt-in now and roar your way to huge winnings!

Sign up at Carbon Poker Carbon Poker now to receive a free Initial Deposit Bonus of 200% (up to $5,000). That’s possible $5,000 free cash on your first deposit of $2,500!


Best New Promotions At Titan Poker!

by | Published: Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Titan Poker Titan Poker is well known for their incredible promotions that give poker players an edge that they simply can’t find at any other online poker room. Today, we will go through the best new features and promotions now available at Titan Poker Titan Poker!

Speed Poker

Speed Poker is a lightning-fast version of our favorite game that is now available at Titan Poker Titan Poker. Speed Poker keeps you in the action at all times and immediately moves you a new table when you fold s0 that you can play a new hand right away. Speed Poker takes the boring waiting periods out of the game and gives you the opportunity to play against a wide range of opponents.

Top Hand Of the Day Bonus

It is very rare for a poker player to win hand with four of a kind so Titan Poker Titan Poker is giving poker players the chance to be rewarded for this very special hand. If you are playing at a real-money ring game table and score a hand of four kings or higher you are eligible for the Top Hand of the Day Bonus. One bonus is issued every day and is the amount of the bonus depends on the blind levels that were being played at the time the hand was achieved.

Bad Beat Bonus

The chances of losing while holding four kings is incredibly slim but Titan Poker Titan Poker has you covered just in case the worst happens! If you lose at showdown with a hand of four kings and contact the customer support team at Titan Poker Titan Poker you will receive $250 no matter what stakes you were playing at. In some cases it may actually be profitable for your four kings to go down in an epic showdown.

These are just three of the excellent promotions that are available at Titan Poker Titan Poker. Sign-up and deposit at the leading online poker room to get involved in all the action today!


Road to 100 Billion Hands At Poker Stars

by | Published: Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Pokerstars Pokerstars is on the way to 100 billion hands and to celebrate they are celebrating every 5 billionth hand with their milestone hand promotion. The 90 Billionth hand is just around the corner and you can give yourself the chance to win some amazing prizes by playing at Pokerstars Pokerstars in the coming days.

There’s up to $1,000,000 in cash to play for, and to be in with a chance of being a winner, simply play Pokerstars Pokerstars cash game tables and be dealt into a millionth hand from 89,700,000,000 to 90,000,000,000 (e.g. 89,902,000,000). If you’re successful, you’ll receive a cash prize that could be worth thousands of dollars. If you’re good enough to win the big ninety billionth hand, you will receive at least $20,000!

Prizes are currently being awarded at least once per hour and sometimes as often as every fifteen minutes. In an added bonus if you win a milestone hand your prize money will be doubled so there is even more motivation than usual to play as many hands as possible and get your chips in the middle of the table.

The best way to give yourself a chance at winning a milestone hand is to play on more tables. By playing on more tables you will have far more opportunities to be dealt into a milestone hand and increase your chances of winning a major prize.

Pokerstars Pokerstars is expecting hit the massive 100 billion milestone in early 2013 and has announced that players can expect a huge addition to the amount of cash on offer.

There has been a better time to sign-up, deposit and start playing at Pokerstars Pokerstars. If you are a new player make sure you take advantage of the first deposit bonus that will give you a 100% bonus up to $600!

So what are you waiting for? Sign-up and start winning at Pokerstars Pokerstars today.


Grand Poker Battle at Titan Poker

by | Published: Sunday, October 28th, 2012

From October 31st to December 31st all poker players at Titan Poker Titan Poker  will be competing in a grand battle to win a share of $120,000 in prizes. Titan Poker Titan Poker players will earn points for every poker hand they play and those who end up on the top of the leaderboard will receive a substantial cash bonus!

Titan Poker Titan Poker players will have the opportunity to win a great deal of cash in fifteen different points races. The leading poker provider is giving away $44,000 in weekly races over the next eleven weeks. That means the player who tops the leaderboard at the end of every week will win $4000 in cold hard cash. On top of this there is $15,000 in monthly prizes being given away. If you want a chance at this free cash sign-up and start playing at Titan Poker today!

It is incredibly easy to get involved in this competition and start jumping up the leaderboard. You earn points simply by playing your favorite cash games and tournaments at [casinotitan]. The more you play the more points you generate and the higher your chances of reaching the prizemoney in each race are.

The final prize in this innovative contest is $61,000 for the player who is on top of the master leaderboard at the end of the year. You qualify for the master leaderboard by finishing in the top 100 in a weekly race. The more weekly races you participate in the higher your chances of earning more master leaderboard points and winning the incredible prize of $61,000! Don’t miss out on this amazing competition. Start earning points as soon as possible!

Titan Poker Titan Poker is one of the leading poker rooms in the world and recently received the 2012 Gambling Reader’s Choice Award for Best Customer Service. They are consistently offering innovative promotions and have a very generous welcome bonus.

So what are you waiting for? Sign-up and start winning today!