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Strasser Wins World Series of Poker Foxwoods Main Event

by | Published: Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

On Monday, the final 11 players of an initial 591 player field sat down to play for a winner in the 2013/14 World Series of Poker Circuit Foxwoods Main Event.

Following a grueling five levels of play, 28-year-old New Yorker Jason Strasser was the last man standing, walking away with a cool $186,600 and becoming the first player qualified for the 2014 National Championship.

As reported by the World Series of Poker live team, things heated up from the get go when Brian Leskowitz doubled through then chip leader Wes Wyvill on the very first hand.

Not long after, John Ting became the day’s first casualty when His King and Queen off-suit failed to overhaul Leskowitz’s pocket jacks, followed quickly by Forrest Mansur as he unknowingly played against Joe Morneau’s pocket Aces.

Frank Pezzullo was next to go in 9th, while Keith Donovan became Leskowitz’s second victim when a pair of 10’s just wasn’t enough to see off an Ace and King on-suit.

Two big stacks then collided, ushering in the biggest pot of the tournament. Caught up were Mike Gaudano and Scott Baker, with Wyvill cashing in on three-of-a-kind kings to send baker packing.

When James Rubin was shown the door, again by Leskowitz, five players were left to fight it out for the top prize, however it was only moments until Gaudano and Wyvill again locked horns, ultimately resulting in an early shower for the former.

After making the game’s boldest moves and single handedly knocking out half of the final table, Leskowitz’s luck ran out when taking on eventual champion Strasser, who exhibited pocket Jacks over nine and seven off-suit.

Morneau’s dwindling chip pile could only last for so long, eventually dispatched by Wyvill to set up the heads-up between the final two.

Following several intense back-and-forth’s between the pair, Strasser moved all in on King Five on-suit, above all forcing Wyvill to flash his Queen of Spades before sending his cards to the muck.

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